Boxster S Convertible Top Failure

Had this poor little Boxster come in with a broken top. These cars are known for weak convertible top transmissions and cables, and this one decided to let go with the top up…..right in the middle of the nice weather we are having here in KC no less. There are a couple failure modes on these transmissions. Sometimes you get lucky and just the cables let go, other times the transmissions lock up and take the cables with them. This one had a right side transmission lock up and took the cable out. Since we were going to have it all apart, it just made sense to replace all the components and be done with it.

The trick is getting to the rear assembly when everything is non mobile. Obviously one side will move, but you don’t want to tweak the lid too much. With skinny enough arms, some of us lucky ones can sneak in and remove the bolt off the transmission to allow the top to move freely. Sometimes you get your arm stuck and are the only one at the shop……then things get even more interesting.

The two transmissions are driven by a central motor and two cables.

Peeling back the guts to get to the top transmission.

And out of the car.

After the passenger side was installed, it was time to replace the driver side.

And done. Most of the time is spent getting the two transmissions timed evenly, which is a bit of a fine art.


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August 26, 2015 at 1:01 PM

Maybe a different way to time softtop tansmissions evenly. Two man job. One sits in driver position and operates the softtop button and the passenger side transmission. The other one operates the driveside transmission. Softtop is disconactad from transmission. One bolt at each side. The transmission is a half moon gear. So there is a part that the gear is not griped and you can move is by hand. You want both transmissions in this position. So start pussing the close button until one of the transmissions falls in free. Keep it there and start pussing the close button again until the other transmission falls into free as wel. Then rotate the transmissions bij hand close to the marks on the tansmissions. Its not possible to get them on the mark but close. Hold them dare bothe bij hand and push the close button. Bothe transmission gears wil be grabed at the same time and wil be aligned. Turn to the mark and push the softtop olmost close bij hand. Bolt everything on and you are don. Good luck. Sorry for my wrighting. Frans

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